About Us

TimTimothy Greene: The Blacksmith

Tim started his 30-year career in metalworking as a welder and metal fabricator. He apprenticed with Robert Klar before striking out on his own as a blacksmith. When he’s not in his own shop, Tim can often be found shoeing horses at several Maine farms, giving Blacksmithing Demonstrations throughout Maine and New England, or volunteering at the local fire department.

Gretchen: The Blacksmith’s Wife

Gretchen has a career in retail and business spanning over 25 years, during which she has experienced nearly every aspect of running a small business. Gretchen handles many of the day-to-day chores of the forge, and has been known to lend a hand in the shop and on job sites, as well. She has a particular fondness for Cast Iron restoration and restoration research.

Assumpta: The Real Boss

Office KittyAssumpta took over as boss shortly after her arrival in early 2000. She really knows nothing about metalwork or business (and doesn’t really care), but has nevertheless proven to be an able supervisor. Assumpta serves as a living clock for Tim and Gretchen, making sure that they never miss mealtimes. She also makes a good paperweight, having taken up residency in their Inbox.

Update: Assumpta passed away on February 26, 2016. She was 18 years old. Tim and Gretchen mourn deeply the loss of a constant companion, but celebrate her life and the love she brought to their home. Please support your local animal shelter and rescue organizations.